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  • Angle Grinders (4.5” to 9”)
  • Cordless Tools 12V through 36V
  • Surface Preparation Tools
  • Saws
  • Impact Drivers and Wrenches
  • Rivet Gun

Please contact us to repair the following:

  • Electric Drills
  • Rotary Hammers 
  • Demolition Hammers
  • Inox Tools
  • LED Lights
  • Vacuum Cleaners

Metabo Factory Repair is only suited for a limited number of tools. If you have more than 10 tools to send please contact us at 1-800-638-2264. This website can only accept tools for repair that are shipped within the continental US.

NOTE: Remove all blades, bits and accessories and do not include in the package being shipped for service.



Metabo Factory Repair does not offer itemized Tear Down estimates.

Products are examined to determine the extent of repair required. 

Metabo Factory Repair rates are the maximum cost of the repair. If the factory technician, in its sole discretion, determines the tool only requires a general maintenance/tune up**, a general maintenance will be performed on the tool, and you will be credited back the difference. For general maintenance/tune up pricing click here

**Maintenance / Tune-up aims at restoring the original performance of your Metabo product. It includes tool inspection, general wear item replacement such as motor brushes, switches, clutch system and power cords followed by a safety inspection. A complete repair of a tool could include the replacement items such as armature, gears, housing in addition to the maintenance described above.

Warranty: Once the tool is received at Metabo Factory repair and is found to have failed due to a factory defect in workmanship or materials the full price of the pre-paid Metabo Factory Repair fee will be fully refunded.

Upon completion, the tool is tested to assure it is safe to use and its mechanical and electrical performance have been restored to a “like new” condition.

Metabo reserves the right to replace your tool with one of equal or higher value if deemed necessary.

Metabo reserve the right to deny any tool repair for any reason with a refund of the repair cost. Example: If a tool is deemed to be beyond reasonable repair or beyond an economical repair. If a tool is deemed unrepairable by Metabo, in which case the full cost will be refunded to the original method of payment, Tool owner will be responsible for shipping charges to get the tool back if he/she desires.


Unrepaired power tools are UNSAFE and potentially DANGEROUS. INJURY or DEATH can occur from electrical shock or mechanical malfunction. The electrical and mechanical safety of an Unrepaired Tool has not been determined, therefore, it is recommended that the tool be repaired and safety checked before use.


DO NOT SEND BATTERIES WITH TOOLS FOR REPAIR. If you have a defective battery, please contact your dealer directly. Federal regulations govern the shipping requirements for batteries and/or tools with batteries. Please ensure to follow all regulations closely.


Metabo reserves the right to deny access to the Metabo Factory Repair program to Individuals and Distributors or others who use the website in an improper manner. 

Metabo is not responsible for lost or missing packages. In case of lost or missing packages, a claim with shipper (FedEx Ground) must be initiated by shipping party. Make sure that you keep your tracking numbers for possible future use. Metabo does not keep tracking numbers on file.


Cartons used for shipping should be of a strong outer packaging with an appropriate burst strength and edge crush test certificate rating. You can provide your own box or FedEx can provide a box for a charge. 

For additional help and/or information please contact our Customer Service Team at 1-800-Metabo4 (1-800-638-2264)

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